Using Perspective 202-03

Revealing Perspective
Most character perspectives are revealed as part of the overall process of revealing character, see 103 on engaging and revealing characters, but POV characters have the added challenge of conveying the details of the story while also remaining true to their own perspective.

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Character’s Past 103-05 (Revealing Character IV)

9. Character’s Past
In many ways people are a product of their past. People create stories from their past, interpreting what happened to fit how they see themselves. People often try to recreate happy memories, and avoid anything reminiscent of unpleasant ones. Past experiences are another way to gradually reveal character. Here are a few methods for revealing a character’s past.

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Hobbies & Habits 103-04 (Revealing Character III)

At first hobbies/preferences and habits/routines are minor details. They offer very little insight about the character, but over time those details can build on each other to create a more well-rounded character. Habits and preferences help to reveal different sides of a character, and build character relationships, as well as enrich scenes with minor self-contained subplots.

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