Revisiting “Using Relationships” 105-03

This post first went live 2 years ago, and while I originally wanted to revisit this post as a way of taking a little break (though not really), I couldn’t help but read it over, and once I started I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to polish it up a little, smoothing some of the edges and adding a few more examples.

I think I may make a habit of revisiting old posts, from time to time. After all, this is a journey, and there’s always more to learn.

Write Thoughts

“No man is an island, whole unto itself.” People are always part of a network of relationships, a community. For most it’s a web of familiar faces, with individual relationships growing or fading, much like the tides of the ocean. Characters can even engage relationships without interacting with the other person, through memory and imagination. Similarly, some characters may personify an animal, object, or force of nature. A character struggling to endure a storm may come to regard that storm as a rival, with a will and personality of its own.

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Revisiting Relationships

Since February is around the corner, starting next week I’m going to be revisiting my writing posts on Relationships, starting with 105-03 (Using Relationships), and working my way back.