The Leibster Award

Chaz ( was kind enough to nominate me for the Leibster Award.

Chaz, thank you for thinking of me. Your site is a wealth of insightful reviews, and you have a strong eye for good stories to review.


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The Outcast’s Bloghouse Welcomes… Adam of Write Thoughts

A few weeks ago Jessica at was kind enough to add me to the Outcast Bloghouse, and while this is later than I had originally intended, I want to take a moment to formally say thank you, and recommend that anyone who has not visited should definitely take a moment to browse the substantial library of past posts. Some relate to the craft of writing, or share a bit about Jessica’s own writing projects, but I’ve always been drawn to the INFJ posts, where Jessica delves into a some of the strengths and shortcomings of a personality type often found among writers.
There is a wonderful variety to Jessica’s content, including links to numerous other bloggers who’ve been lucky enough to earn a place on her site.

Jessica Bakkers

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is deep thinker Adam, of the aptly named blog Write Thoughts.


I first noticed Adam because of the wonderfully detailed comments he would leave after my blog posts. Here was a blogger who not only took the time to read my stuff but also to digest and ponder upon it. I was blown away by some of Adam’s insights into my writing and humbled by his interest in my work.

I soon learned Adam shows this kind of attention to others’ writing as well. He is just one of those people who takes his time and savours what he’s doing; be that reading someone else’s work, writing his own short stories and flash fiction pieces, or pulling apart a book for a book review.

“All writers begin as an audience. We read a good story, think about it, and sometimes discuss…

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