Understanding Audiences through Blogging #AuthorToolbox

Every writer starts out as a reader, learning how to write through the stories they themselves enjoy. But if publication is your goal, crafting a good story is only the first step. Next comes earning your audience. Whether you choose the traditional route of agents and publishers, or choose self-publication, you still have to convince a complete stranger to spend time reading your work. And the reality is many readers have no idea what that is like.

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Stone Secrets

Stone smiles looked back at her, every one broken and jagged. A few still had their eyes, but most were worn away. Slowly she clambered over the stone figures, careful not to topple them. Only the grating sound of loose gravel hinted at her presence. In the distance she could still hear that haunting song. She couldn’t make out the words, but the sound was heartbreaking, and frightening.

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Revisiting “Personal Relationships 105-02”

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m revisiting my prior posts about relationships.

Two weeks ago I revisited “Using Relationships“.

This week I’m taking another look at “Personal Relationships“.

Here’s an excerpt of the revised post.

“Some want a person to be weak, so that they can feel strong. Some don’t want to be bothered; they only want to have fun. But the ones who really care will endure the bad, doing what they can to help, and savor the good when it’s there.

By sharing such a wide array of experiences, by seeing someone in all their moods, a person gains unique insight into who they are. They learn all the signs of joy and sadness, and how to translate them into meaning.”