Summer Hiatus

Hello everyone.

I mentioned this a while back but I’m going to be taking July and August off from posting (other than 1 more award that someone was kind enough to nominate me for).

I’ll still be working on writing, but I’d like to rebuild my writing queue. It’s an unfortunate fact that I’m not the fastest writer, and it sometimes takes me more than a week to write a proper post, particularly if it’s a book review. Hopefully gradually my writing rate will increase, but all things in their own time.

Of course if you’re still looking for something to read, consider the archives.

Discussion and Stories as new categories have a few posts between them, but Writing and Reviews each include over 50 posts, as well as complete lists by topic (writing), title & rank (reviews), and thorough indexes (Writing & Review).

And of course I will still be around, reading and responding with comments when I get a chance. I look forward to resuming posting in September.

Thank you all once again.


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