1 Year Anniversary

In May of 2016 I launched Write Thoughts.
Now, on the first anniversary of that date, I’d like to take a moment to consider how much has happened.

Back in December of 2016 Write Thoughts was up to 54 subscribers.
In the six months since then it’s grown to 120 subscribers.
390 visitors have viewed 1,368 posts, liked 411 of them, and commented 185 times.

50 new posts have gone up, bringing the grand total to 128 posts, with over 50 posts on writing, and 50 reviews, as well as 2 awards, and a new category, Discussion.

I’ve connected with numerous bloggers, learned from you, and continue to turn to blogs when I find myself craving rich conversation.

For all of these reasons, thank you.

I’d also like to take this time to let everyone know that starting in July I will be taking a 2 month hiatus from posting. I’ll still be reading, commenting, and writing, but I will be focusing on rebuilding my post queue, which has dwindled down from a 6 month lead to a 1 month lead.

In the interim please feel free to browse through my posts, or search for a specific topic using one of the indexes (Writing or Review).

Once again, thank you all for your continuing support.


12 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary

    • Thank you. The reviews are the biggest challenge time wise. Of course I did choose some very long novels for my first year, but I like to think I’m learning a lot from them. I’m hopeful that in due time I can gradually build up to a 1 year queue of posts scheduled ahead. That would really give me peace of mind.

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