Ender’s Game-Ender’s Game 01-5/5

By Orson Scott Card

Victory will not bring him peace.

2017-01-26_EG1 Ender's Game Cover

As populations swell, governments impose a new law; two children per family, but Ender is a third, requisitioned by the government, who believe he may be the brilliant tactician who can end the hundred years war against the alien buggers. For the sake of his sister, Ender agrees, traveling to Battle School, a space station where students study tactics, waging mock battles to prove their worth. Every experience is a test, designed to push the students to ever greater heights. But in a school where victory is the only value a student has, some will go to any lengths to prove their worth.

Snippets of dialogue serve as artful insights into the characters even as they advance the plot. Rare descriptions stand out against the summaries, creating rich imagery that hint at deeper meanings. Summaries drive the story inward, focusing on Ender’s struggle for peace and acceptance from a world that only needs his potential for destruction.

The story is a quick, easy read, full of strong characters wrestling with powerful questions, including morality vs survival, friendship in the midst of competition, and the harsh realities of an imperfect world. Ultimately the story finds its way to a bittersweet ending, completing a beautiful story.

+Strong Characters
+Strong Dialogue
+Strong use of Summarization
*Fast, easy read
*Very little description or action


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11 thoughts on “Ender’s Game-Ender’s Game 01-5/5

    • What really struck me is how different the stories are. For example, Ender’s Game isolates the ptotagonist, while Speaker pits the protagonist in the center of a complex web of relationships.


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