Not a Writer, an Entrepreneur​

While most posts on writing focus on the art and craft, this author has chosen to focus on the economic aspects. A good read for anyone trying to sustain themselves financially through writing.

Steven Capps

Starting a business is a major decision. Even if you didn’t think about it, at some point you wrote a book and now want to sell it. You’ve already started down this journey. You ARE an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, according to Forbes only 1 in every 10 businesses will survive. This applies even to the unintentional writer-preneurs; we have a 10% chance at success.

While this doesn’t mean that everyone who fails just vanishes, just that some never earn enough money to be able to make a living from their endeavor. Some writers don’t care about the money, and in a way, I can respect that. For me, writing is my passion. If there is something I can do to help me make a living through my spinning words, I would be an idiot not to try.

The most successful start-ups do not just jump into the market and say, “I’m…

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