Engaging Ideas 106-01

How is it that some stories endure far beyond the lifetime of their author? Shakespeare is a prime example. His plays not only endure, they adapt to modern settings, and yet people still recognize Romeo and Juliet even when it’s called West Side Story because the idea behind it is unchanged. Ideas are the questions the story raises, and the answers it chooses to provide. In Romeo and Juliet the idea centers around two people who wish to be together, but social/cultural forces oppose them, man vs. society.

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Using Relationships 105-03

“No man is an island, whole unto itself.” People are always part of a network of relationships, a community. For most it’s a web of familiar faces, with individual relationships growing or fading, much like the tides of the ocean. Characters can even engage relationships without interacting with the other person, through memory and imagination. Similarly, some characters may personify an animal, object, or force of nature. A character struggling to endure a storm may come to regard that storm as a rival, with a will and personality of its own.

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Not a Writer, an Entrepreneur​

While most posts on writing focus on the art and craft, this author has chosen to focus on the economic aspects. A good read for anyone trying to sustain themselves financially through writing.

Steven Capps

Starting a business is a major decision. Even if you didn’t think about it, at some point you wrote a book and now want to sell it. You’ve already started down this journey. You ARE an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, according to Forbes only 1 in every 10 businesses will survive. This applies even to the unintentional writer-preneurs; we have a 10% chance at success.

While this doesn’t mean that everyone who fails just vanishes, just that some never earn enough money to be able to make a living from their endeavor. Some writers don’t care about the money, and in a way, I can respect that. For me, writing is my passion. If there is something I can do to help me make a living through my spinning words, I would be an idiot not to try.

The most successful start-ups do not just jump into the market and say, “I’m…

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