Myths & Misconceptions 002-01

Getting started can often present its own challenge. There are a lot of false truths about writing, and the arts in general, which discourage people from trying. The first is the myth of talent. People often think of talent as the difference between those who can and those who can’t. I believe anyone can do it, if they are willing to put in the time. A person may start out with a natural advantage, but the real test is their commitment to keep at it. I like to say that talent is an innate desire to work at something, slowly improving your skill, even if the only reward is your own growth and satisfaction. When in doubt assume you have talent. Next comes skill.

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What are stories? Why do we care? 001-01

The audience is introduced to a character with a stable status quo. Something disrupts the status quo, and the character reacts, doing their best to resolve the conflicts brought on by the change. These conflicts raise questions. As the character resolves the questions their perspective changes. They shift from a reactive to a proactive role, or vice versa, as the story moves towards the climactic conclusion. The story narrows to a single event, where the character either chooses or recognizes there is no choice, becoming part of a new status quo.

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